The ideal sermons plugin for WordPress. Maximize your message.

Imagine a sermons plugin for WordPress that blends beautifully with any theme, that does everything you want and that's so easy it's a joy.

Making the Best Sermons WordPress Plugin

WP Sermons is a project by the maker of Our experience helping thousands of churches build great websites is being used to create the premier WordPress plugin for sermons. This sermons plugin for WordPress will be comprehensive, yet easy to use. WP Sermons will help your church reach more people.

The plugin's Quick Start Wizard, sermons importer and real-time visual customization will help get your new sermon archive up and running beautifully in a snap. And you'll be able to do this before buying so you can see how you like it on your own website. WP Sermons will offer a lot of flexibility for matching colors, fonts, styles and layouts to any WordPress theme.

We are going the extra mile with WP Sermons. In addition to a complete sermon archive, you will also be able to podcast your sermons. We are building helpers for live streaming and plenty of automation to save time and make things easy. Gutenberg blocks and popular page builders will be supported. You will also be able to integrate with your church app.

We want to hear from you so please email us with your questions and ideas for WP Sermons. This plugin is being made for you.   Founder's Note

Made Really Easy

Try Before Buying

Give WP Sermons a try on your own website before spending a dime with our 14-day free trial.

Money Back Guarantee

We'll happily return your full payment for any reason, no questions asked. Zero risk.

Use Any Theme

Compatible with virtually any theme. Customization options to match your website's design.

Quick Start Wizard

Setup your sermon archive and podcast in no time with WP Sermon's Quick Start.

Easy Migration

Converters will automate moving from other sermon plugins and an importer for other sources.

Guides & Videos

Making things easy with easy to follow, step-by-step guides and videos. Everything covered.

Helpful Support

Quick, helpful and friendly support for WP Sermons via email available whenever you need it.

Automated Updates

Choose one-click or fully automatic plugin updates to keep your sermons running smooth.

Audio, Video and More

Upload Media

Upload audio and video files via WordPress. Optionally automate with ID3 metadata.

Embed Media

Embed from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud or any other third-party media platform.

Sermon/Category Images

Assign anything an image – sermon, series, speaker, etc. Automate from video poster.

Sermon Transcript

Optionally provide an entire sermon transcript in text and/or PDF format. Great for SEO.

Supplemental Resources

Attach resources to a sermon like bulletins, PDF and other files and links (as many as you need).

Automatic Publishing

Publish sermons automatically from popular sources like YouTube and Vimeo or your live stream.

Organize Effortlessly


Assign one or more topics to each sermon (Faith, Salvation, etc.).


Organize sermons by series with current and upcoming series.


Assign Bible books, chapters and verses to a sermon.


Optionally specify one or more preachers for a message.


Organize by Sunday, Wednesday, traditional, contemporary, etc.


Multi-campus churches can choose the location for a sermon.


Choose the date for a sermon (even preview future sermons).

Custom Types

Create custom types for classes, conferences, testimonies, etc.

Show Sermons Beautifully

Gutenberg Blocks

WP Sermons is set to be the first sermons plugin to utilize the new block-based editor in WordPress.

Page Builders

Popular WordPress page builders like Elementor and Divi will be supported by WP Sermons.

List Sermons

Show sermons however you want with various options: list, card, table and more.

Individual Sermon

Each sermon has its own page and URL for users to share and search engines to index.

Series Presentation

Present sermon series in a number of ways including Current Series, Next Series and Series Archive.

Topical Index

WP Sermons lets users find sermons by navigating an index of all topics assigned to sermons.

Scripture Index

This WordPress plugin will allow users to browse sermons by books, chapters and verses.

Speaker Archives

Create a manually ordered listing of preachers with optional profile photos and short bios.

Location Archives

Meet in multiple places? Website visitors can view a separate sermon archive for each location.

Date Archives

An archive browsable by year, month and day can be generated automatically on your church site.

Upcoming Sermons

Announce future services and automatically publish sermons when your livestream ends.

Non-sermon Archives

Create archives for non-sermon resources like Sunday school, interviews, worship and more.

Filters and Search

With WP Sermons, users can filter sermons by keyword, category, location and other criteria.

Floating Notifications

Announce upcoming services, recent sermons and current series with floating boxes anywhere.

Customize Your Way

Color Scheme

Easily pick colors to make your sermon archive match your WordPress theme.

Font Selection

Choose from hundreds of fonts to make your sermon content blend perfectly with your site's design.

Multiple Views

There will be many different layouts for sermon display. Just choose your favorite!

Style Options

A wide range of style choices will be available so that your sermons blend right in with your theme.

Custom Wording & URLs

Change wording where needed (e.g. sermons as "messages" or topics as "categories").

Use Your Language

Multiple translations included or make your own with our help. Works with multi-lingual plugins.

Reach More People

Attract Visitors

Having a sermon archive lets potential visitors get comfortable before coming in person.

Mobile Friendly

However you configure it, WP Sermons will automatically be mobile-friendly on every device.

Search Engine Optimization

Fully indexable sermons and archives, XML site map and structured data.

Social Media Enhanced

Enhanced social network exposure with sharing, Open Graph data and Twitter Card support.

Custom Feeds

Create multiple feeds filtered by specific criteria for podcasting, apps and more.

Powerful Podcasting

Easily podcast audio and video sermons or non-sermons on platforms like Apple and Google.

Church App Integration

Configure a custom feed for your favorite church app to pull new sermons from automatically.

Live Stream Helpers

Automatically embed your live stream with chat, countdown, bulletin, worship guide and more.

Engagement Analytics

Learn how many visitors are viewing each of your sermons, podcasts and live streams.

Accessibility Standards

A strong focus on accessibility standards in consideration of people with disabilities.

Additional Goodness

Flexible Pricing

Plans for all budgets with annual discount or monthly convenience. Special pricing for multiple sites.

Free on Dev Sites

Activate for free on development and staging site (activations not counted towards plan limit).

Starter Church Sites

We'll provide importable church websites powered by WP Sermons and popular plugins and themes.

Professional Benefits

Choose the exact number of sites you need. Discounted. Compatible with multisite. Agency tools.

Modern Development

WP Sermons is developed using modern development practices. We are always learning.

REST API Support

WP Sermons will have full WordPress REST API support for developers to leverage.

Continual Innovation

Our pricing model enables continual plugin development for new features and improvements.

Sustainable Business

We have experience to craft a business model that will meet the needs of churches long-term.

Project Updates

Here's a peek at tentative pricing for the plugin. There will be yearly and monthly options. Yearly will have a 30% discount. Bulk pricing will kick in for agencies after three sites at only $65 per site when paid yearly.

Tentative pricing for the WP Sermons plugin
Tentative pricing for the WP Sermons plugin

The disastrous arctic weather in Texas is finally subsiding. Things have been rough, though we were fortunate to not lose power ourselves. We're getting back to work.

We're banking with Mercury after Azlo announced its closure. An online account with virtual debit cards can be setup in minutes. No driving, no call. #TheFuture

Have a look at the new About page.

We renamed Ready Church Sites to (see announcement on January 12).

It's a new year and we're glad to announce that WP Sermons, LLC is 100% funded for continuing development of the plugin 2021.

We switched hosting as not to keep our eggs in the same infrastructure basket as We're rockin' Linode via RunCloud from Toronto now. Eventually the whole site will be cached and served by Cloudflare's global CDN.

We will be making several demo sites with popular WordPress themes to show what WP Sermons is capable of. These demo sites will be available as importable starter sites at Ready Church Sites #WasteNothing

Christmas is over and it's the New Year. We've doubled down on our resolve to do one thing and do it well (that one thing being WP Sermons, of course). Thank you for following us on this journey. #VeryExcited

We're giving Freemius serious consideration for subscription management, licensing and update delivery. A lot depends on whether or not they can automate the sales tax exemption process. If they can, we'll be able to shift extra time from business tasks to plugin development.

Oh, just a little laptop art for motivation. Another reads, "Do one thing and do it well." That one thing is of course a reference to WP Sermons, a WordPress plugin with a singular purpose.

WP Sermons sticker on MacBook
WP Sermons sticker on MacBook

Accessibility is a priority for WP Sermons with both the website and the plugin. Lighthouse is a very helpful in-browser development tool. It's great to see that Google is scoring accessibility in addition to performance.

Lighthouse scores for on mobile
Lighthouse scores for on mobile

Introducing our new tagline:

Maximize your message.

Our new landing page is online. We've provided more information about the project and will post periodic progress updates right here.

We've had a little fun with our "not found" page.

It's been great (and invaluable) communicating with professionals who build websites for churches. The future for churches using WordPress is very bright and exciting. Keep on sharing your thoughts.

This page now details the features we have planned for our sermons plugin. These are based on seven years of feedback from churches using our themes and plugins at

Taking privacy even further, we've moved away from Gmail and begun using the Vivaldi browser and DuckDuckGo.

We switched from Google Analytics to Plausible for web traffic statistics. There are legitimate concerns with Web Titans like Google, Twitter and Facebook regarding privacy (and censorship). #PrivacyFirst

Today has been our most active day so far for WP Sermons development according to the chart above. The activity prior to this month was groundwork from earlier in the year and late last year. We're full steam ahead now.

We're wrapping up this rich landing page. The actual website itself will not be much more complicated, in order that we can continue focusing almost entirely on product development after launch. Ironically, we won't be using WordPress. These micro-posts are made by editing a simple text file with markdown while Browsersync shows a live preview. #Geeky

Quick Twitter-style updates with Markdown
Quick Twitter-style updates with Markdown

You can keep a pulse on our development activity. See the chart above representing commits to our Git repositories. It will auto-refresh whenever we post a progress update.

We're encouraged by the response to and ideas for this project. Keep on telling us what you'd like to see in WP Sermons. Together we'll make an amazing sermons plugin for every church, regardless of WordPress theme.