The Vision for WP Sermons

Hello, my name is Steven Gliebe [ glee ยท bee ]

Thank you for giving WP Sermons a look. This is a company I founded with the purpose of building the most ideal sermons plugin for WordPress. My other business is Thousands of churches have used our website solution over the years, but there is a particular limitation – a limitation that WP Sermons will break through.

With, a church must use one of our own themes to take advantage of our sermon publishing features. With WP Sermons, every theme will be an option. There are so many great themes out there and we want to make them all useful as "church themes". The most distinct part of a church's site is its sermon archive so we're pouring everything into that area.

I hope you will give the WP Sermons plugin a free trial (when it's ready) to see how it can help you maximize your message. Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas. I would love to hear from you.

Striving to do one thing and do it well,

Steven Gliebe - Written